I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC of "House of Silence" by Sarah Barthel. I found this book intriguing in the description and expectations of women in 1875. Sarah Barthel introduces to complex characters and situations. In this era, young upper class women are expected to marry wealthy men, often chosen by their mothers. It appears that some of these mothers care less about love and happiness of their daughters,than what the marriage will appear in the eyes of society. Sarah Barthel introduces us to Isabelle and Lucy. Lucy is in love with a man, and her mother won't approve because the man's father had a criminal record. Isabelle witnesses a horrific crime that her intended commits, and her mother accuses her of lying. Fearful for her life, Isabelle feigns a nervous breakdown and voluntarily stops speaking and is placed in a sanitarium for troubled women. Isabelle feels secure among the residents and even gets to meet Mary Todd Lincoln. I would highly recommend this novel especially for those that appreciate historical fiction with a touch of suspense.